At first


WAR of Zodiac is RTS(Real Time Strategy).
You will move and use the Unit (Army), Hero (Special soldier) and Ruins card (Magic) to occupy a lot of tower more than enemy.
The time limit is 3 minutes.

Detailed victory conditions is below
1. Decrease the number of enemy Unit to 0 at the end of time limit.
2. Occupies more towers than enemy at the end of the time limit.
3. If the number of towers occupied by enemy is same as yours, there are more units in your army than the enemy.

How to use UI


①Wonny : the money of WoZ.
②Sphere : the item of WoZ.
③Mission : You can check the mission. Normal mission, Daily mission and Event mission.
④Picture book : The List of Hero card and Ruin card
⑤Information : You can get a gift by Gift BOX, Information from GM and check Login Bonus.
⑥Settings : Below picture and text
⑦Choice the battle type : Choice what kind of battle.
⑧Play button : When you push this, the game will start.
⑨Exchange : Exchange pink ticket to Cards.
⑩Open locked Artifact box : Chosen box will open 30 min later
⑪Home : Come back to home
⑫Card deck : Check and change your card deck
⑬Shop : Buy the card, stump, wonny and sphere by wonny, sphere and web money
⑭Event: Check recently events

Choice the battle type


①Single play : Battle with CPU
②Multi play : Battle with Users(No matching in 30 seconds, battle with CPU)
③Custom play : Create or choose the room. You can play with your friends.



①Change Name : you can change your user name
②Bell of Artifact
④Cache clear : When your game does not work well, try to Cache clear
⑤Official Twitter
⑦Terms of service(Sorry I can't translate all text)
⑨Ask to GM
⑩Information to take over : When you change your phone or something, this data is needed. I suggest take a screenshot.

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